For many travelers around the world, visiting Barcelona is unimaginable without a trip to the stadium of Nou Camp. Even for the people who have not devoted support of Football Club Barcelona, or football in general, seeing the second biggest stadium in the world with a capacity of approximately 100000 spectators is the most prominent tourist attraction. While some people may be satisfied with a museum tour, others also want to see an actual football game. Fortunately, tourists from around the world are welcome to buy match tickets for FC Barcelona games.

Just like in England, the Spanish soccer season also runs from August to May. We should mention that in Spain there is a season break in December, that generally lasts for two weeks. Football Club Barcelona plays 19 home-league games each season and also a handful of other international competitions. The average number of total games for the club is 38 matches in a season. This number depends on how far Barca progresses. The football club is a regular participant in European home games.

At the Camp Nou stadium, seats are generally held by season ticket holders. This fact means that theoretically, no places are available for the rest of the people. Not all ticket holders attend all Barcelona marches, and here comes the chance for the general public. For every game, after the ticket holder frees up the seat, it goes on sale for the rest of the people. The general way to buy the tickets is by FC Barcelona's website.

From the official website of FC Barcelona, tickets are usually available 14 days before the game. Select members can get discounts and other exclusive content, such as special seats, and so on. According to the website, members can buy a maximum of 6 tickets at one game.

The prices of the tickets vary and depend on the game category. People can also buy tickets from FCB ticket offices and FCB’s official stores.


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